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Manual Mondial Bioregulator

 The biomagnetic bracelet 

Worry, stress, anxiety, fear, envy, jealousy, cause large losses of negative ions. An abnormal or unbalanced diet, incomplete breathing, sedentary living habits, bodily infections, atmospheric changes, all charge the body with positive ions and consequently bring about illness.
The Bioregulator® facilitates the access of ascending negative energy into the body while simultaneously releasing the descending positive energy. Manufactured with polarized electrolytic metals and contoured in a completely circular form,

the Bioregulator acts to regulate

the alpha and beta waves.

Observations Persons with a pacemaker are advised not to wear the Bioregulator®.
People who receive medical treatment which involves the use of electrical instruments are advised to take off the Bioregulator® during their treatment. The use if the Bioregulator® does not interfere with other coinciding medical treatment.

Bioregular braceletInstructions
Do not place the Bioregulator on metal surfaces or near magnet fields. Do not wear the Bioregulator with a wrist watch, the latter possibly losing or gaining time. You can wear rings. You can wash and shower whole wearing the Bioregulator®. If you touch another metal while wearing the Bioregulator®, the bracelet does not lose its effect. Working with a computer and electrical household appliances will have no influence on the Bioregulator’s functioning.

The Bioregulator will in no way alter the effectiveness of metallic contraceptives. If a headache, toothache, earache, stomachache, etc., develops whilst wearing the Regulator, more it directly to where the pain is located and leave it in place for several minutes. The pain will diminish or even disappear.

The body is like a battery and its own energy will put the Bioregulator® back to operation. To keep you Bioregulator® clean and shiny, use a silver polishing cloth. Do not lend your Bioregulator® to other persons! It is advised to wear the Bioregulator® continuously. However, if you stop wearing it for a short period, it will not lose its effect.

Symptoms During the first hours or days of wearing the Bioregulator®, highly sensitive individuals may experience strange reactions: itching in the arms and hands, heaviness in the head, neck or back, tightness in the throat, stomach indigestion, slight shivering, or cold sweats. These reactions are due to the discharge of excess positive ions from the nervous system. In such cases it is advisable to wear the Bioregulator® only a few hours a day until these reaction disappears. If nervous tension prevents you from sleeping at night, it is advisable to remove the Bioregulator® and place it under the pillow.

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Mondial Bioregulator - Magnetic powerbalance bracelet
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