Pendants of animals; like cats horses birds tools sports transport

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pendants cats Pendants horses Pendants silver
Silver Cats Silver Horses Silver Animals: 1
Pendants of birds like pigeon Pendants of animals Pendants charms fishes
Silver Animals: 2 Silver Animals: 3 Silver Animals: 4
Pendants of music instruments Pendants of pedigree dogs pups dogs Pendants of gold silver
Silver Music instruments Silver Pedigree dogs Silver All: 1

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Charms pendants Pendant nokia samsung Charms of  babies boy or girl
All: 2 All: 3 Babies
Pendant of rose flower tulip Pendant of bikes, Pendants of religion cross
Flowers Bikes Faith, hope and love
Pendants of tools Pendant charm of food fork knife spoon kitchen tools Charm pendant
Tools: 1 Tools: 2 Tools: 3
Pendant jewellery tools pendant of household Pendant  harry potter style
Tools: 4 Household goods Witches - Potter-style
Charms pendants of constellations Pendants of nursery

Pendants of airplanes

Constellations Nursery Airplanes
Pendants of candy food Pendant of tractor motors Charm pendants aerobics gymnastics  ballerina
Food Vehicles Aerobics & Gymnastics
Pendant  chopper motor goldwing Pendants  formule1 GrandPrix Pendants cart carting crossmotor
Auto sport: 1 Auto sport: 2 Auto sport: 3
Pendant Quad Pendants of Oldtimers

Pendants charms of classic cars

Auto sport: 4 Old-timers Classic cars
Pendant boxing

Pendants  jogger, running atletics

Pendants  magnum, revolver gun
Strength- and Martial sport Athletics Shooting
Pendants of  baseball softball football

Pendants of  rugby football player waterscooter

Pendants of mental sports chess

Ball sports; 1 Ball sports: 2 Mental sports
Pendants skates  skateboard waveboard

Pendants badminton tennis golfPendants charms of ray

Pendants of sailingboat , surfboard, watersport
Skate- and winter sports Ball sport: 3            Emblems Water sports

Searching for your pendant


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 Pets: 1
 Pets: 2
 Pets: 3
 Pets: 4
 Music instruments
 All: 1
 All: 2
 All: 3
 Faith hope and love
 Tools: 1
 Tools: 2
 Tools: 3
 Tools: 4
 Household goods
 Aerobics & Gymnastics
 Auto & Motorsport: A - C
 Auto & Motorsport: F - G
 Auto & Motorsport: K - S
 Auto & Motorsport: T - Z
 Ball games 1
 Ball games 2
 Ball games 3
 Mental sport !
 Strength & Martial arts
 Running sports
 Shooting sports
 Skate- and Winter sports
 Water sports
 Silver Pedigree dogs
 Memorial jewellery


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